RaZberry and UZB have Z-Wave chip on board. This chip serves Serial API to allow Z-Way software speak to Z-Wave network. This firmware can be upgraded from Z-Way software in Expert UI go to Network→Controller Info→Firmware upgrade or directly to IP:8083/expert/#/uzb or using a special tool (see manual for the tool).

5.32: Updated SDK to 6.81. Support of Z-Wave «SmartStart».
5.27: Added Bridge version and RF test mode.
To run the RF test mode mode do: sudo /etc/init.d/z-way-server stop && sudo apt-get install git && cd /tmp && rm -Rf uSAPI && git clone https://github.com/Z-Wave-Me/uSAPI && cd uSAPI && make && ./uSAPI -b "F7 01" -p /dev/ttyAMA0 -r 1 && ./uSAPI -b "08" -p /dev/ttyAMA0

Починил светодиод на включение SmartStart. При отправки с контроллера пакетов тоже стал мигать светодиод-было сломано с 5.07. Добавил исправление для 400Raz от Резонита. Добавил класс команд F8. Добавил проект для BRIDGE версии RAZ с переключением фильтра.

5.37: Updated SDK to 6.81.01. Smart Start support. Fixed blink on sending. Reporting of imcoming routes added in Z-Way Reoute Map.
5.27: Added radio jam detection feature.
5.26: Added forgotten new IMA functions.
5.25: Minor fixes.
5.23: Updated SDK to 6.71.01.
5.22: Frequency not resetted to EU anymore on upgrade.
5.16: Updated SDK to 6.70.00.
5.07: Updated SDK to 6.51.09 (for certification)
5.06: LED can be turned off:
Change it via IP:8083/JS/Run/zway.NVMExtWriteLongBuffer(0x6510,[XX]), where XX is:

  • 0x00 LED used only for memory test when device powers up. Silent mode.
  • 0x01 LED used during memory test and to indicate inclusion/exclusion mode.
  • 0x03 LED used during memory test, to indicate inclusion/exclusion mode and it blinks when data is sending.
5.05: Fixed Bootloader upgrade response.
5.04: LED not turning off after some operations fixed.
Offset of User NVM made static.
5.03: Fixed bug with wrong UID returned after license apply.