For Raspberry and other Pi platforms

If you want to use Z-Way on a Raspberry Pi platform utilizing the RaZberry hardware you have two options:

(1) First installation when Raspberry is already up und running

To download Z-Way for your RaZberry, login to your Rapsberry Pi box execute the following command:

wget -q -O - | sudo bash

(2) First installation on a virgin Raspberry

Download the complete SD Card image including Z-Wave control software and various other tools from

To prepare the SD Card please refer to the guidance on After including the SD card a plug in in the Z-Wave daughter card power up the Raspberry Pi. After about 1 minute open a web browser and point to  Below the login screen you will see the IP address of your Raspberry Pi system. Click on the IP address link to open the configuration dialog.

For other Unix and Windows platforms

Z-Way package is available for many different architectures including different variants of Linux, Windows and some embedded platforms. Browse Z-Way packages repository.

Please refer to the manual “Z-Way Essentials” for more information on hardware requirements and installation steps for other platforms.